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Rebellion Racing team members get access to all of our racing resources. To join our team please signup here.

We currently compete in WTRL Team Time Trial events held each Thursday evening (UK Time).

Join our Rebellion Racing discord channel here; https://discord.com/invite/5QZmxbaJ

Rebellion Racing Race Team on Zwift: https://www.zwift.com/uk/clubs/c0ce8f59-ac1a-429c-bc83-45f9c207d511/join

Rebellion Racing Race Team on ZwiftPower: https://zwiftpower.com/team.php?id=19560

Rebellion Racing Race Team in-game Profile Tag: To help identify yourself in-game please add [RRCC] at the end of the 'last name' field in-game or on the companion app

Rebellion Racing Team Kit: White/Grey jersey, White socks

Check out our list of online events, workouts and group rides; There are currently no events listed.

rebellion E-RACING

We race online too!


We have very different aims from any team you’ve seen before: We want to empower our riders to explore what’s possible in cycling.

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Join our Rebellion Racing zwift club to be kept informed of upcoming events, workouts and races.